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Pyrite is a member of the metallic mineral clan and has a remarkable cubic appearance. It’s name comes from the Greek word ‘purit?s’ that means ‘of fire’ or ‘in fire’. This name is likely due to the sparks that result when pyrite is struck against steel or flint. Pyrite contains sulphur, and for this reason it is also used for industrial purposes.

At first sight, pyrite shows a resemblance with gold. Because of this it is called ‘fool’s gold’.

The Inca’s also used this gemstone as a mirror.

Pyrite reinforces the body’s immunity system and helps against fever, inflammations and throat aches. It is thought to increase mental abilities, augment the intellect and stabilize the mind.

Pyrite links the left hemisphere of the brain with the right hemisphere and facilitates communication between logic and emotions, analysis and creativity.

Through this interconnection, our particular gifts and talents are unleashed and allowed to flow.

Pyrite also has to do with letting go of attitudes and outer appearances. It helps to see yourself just the way you are.

Pyrite brings us to the point on which we recognise that only by taking a different approach and letting go of rigid behaviour patterns, a solution is possible.

The only annoying side effect of pyrite is – because it contains sulphur – that sometimes a rash on the skin can appear. Then it’s better to choose another stone, like for example amber, or to wear pyrite in a thin, small pouch of cotton or silk.

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