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Sapphire is just as the previously described ruby a real gemstone. It refers to gem varieties of the mineral corundum when it is any color other than red. Sapphire comes in various colors; blue in a variety of shades, colorless, orange (Padparadsha), pink, yellow, green, violet, and even black. The most popular shade for sapphires is a deep cornflower blue. The name sapphire comes from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’ for blue.

The most common species is the blue sapphire. Its outer appearance may resemble aquamarine and blue topaz but its hardness on the Mohs scale is much higher than that of aquamarine and topaz. Unfortunately, price differences between different sapphires may exist. Gemstone quality sapphires are rather costly, while the somewhat less pure semi-precious ones are affordable for everyone.

Sapphire is a stone used for mental maturation. We associate its blue color with feelings of sympathy and harmony, friendship, loyalty and fidelity. Sapphire blue is not so much about effervescent passion, it rather symbolizes mutual understanding and indestructible trust. Thus the blue of the sapphire has become a color which fits in with everything that is constant and reliable. Dark blue sapphires are more suitable for men and the lighter colored ones for women. It is an ideal gemstone to set in an engagement ring.

Sapphire is a strong binding stone, when a sapphire is given to a loved person, the relationship is strengthened. This is of course very enjoyable, but it also works the other way around: for example after a divorce or in a difficult situation when the partner is no longer here. If in such a case a person continues to wear the sapphire given by that person, it will almost be impossible to separate from each other. Then the sapphire should be dismissed and preferably be returned.

Blue sapphire also has – like aquamarine – a positive influence on the throat chakra, and helps to dissolve emotional blockages in that area. Sapphire is beneficial for mental clarity and depression. Dark blue sapphires provide good protection against black magic, they eliminate melancholy and attract honest and sincere company.

A blue sapphire fits in best with a well balanced lifestyle in which reliability and temperament run together and there is always a readiness to encounter new things.

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